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You have decided to buy a home. Congratulations! Your own home gives you the pride of ownership and an excellent shelter for your family with modern amenities to provide a better quality lifestyle. Buying a home is also one of the best investments with the benefits of tax savings and capital appreciation. I would like to help you find a home of your dream.

From your property preferences I will prepare a list of properties in your price range for your inspection and review. Tour of these properties and your rating on how well each property rates on a features checklist will help us decide. The Tour(s) results will enable you to decide on the property for purchase. We will at the same time complete the loan prequalifying process.

Once you have selected a home for purchase we will write an offer to purchase and submit it with earnest money deposit. The offer will specify the price, escrow closing date, type of financing, occupancy arrangement, cost allocations, home warranty, etc. It will  also specify the time table for inspections including structural pest control, repairs, disclosure review and approval, and removal of contingencies and acceptance, or cancellation, etc. We will be prepared to reasonably respond to counter offers to negotiate an acceptance and move towards successful closing.

Call or email today to find and acquire your dream home!

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